Welcome to Zhen Yue's art! I'm a Bay Area artist who's created art for California events since 2012. With a deep knowledge of anime, video game, FGC, TTRPG/D&D, and Asian culture communities and a huge versatile variety of art styles, I've made artworks for everything from large print-quality posters to Twitch/Discord emotes and anything in between! I'm happy to work with you to create the perfect custom-tailored illustrations for your project with art that's fresh, creative, and exciting! Drop me an email at contact(at)zhen-yue.com. ♡ Zhen Yue
I Believe! A fresh take on one of the most classic animes of all time! Hope, joy, and optimism shine in her eyes as she looks forward to the future and reaches up to the heavens!
Moonlight Densetsu Another timeless classic! The princesses of the inner planets wear stunning gowns designed by yours truly. This was a very fun project that combined my love for both art and fashion design!
Magikarp The King of the Derpiest Pokemon, in all his glory! He just wants that berry, dangit, but a shadowy figure in the background may have other plans...
龍が我が敵をくらう! Genji from Overwatch about to unleash his ultimate move. Genji's voice actor, Gaku Space, personally came to visit me at my booth to compliment me on this art print! Countless fans bought this art print and brought it to Gaku Space to sign. He even left my booth with an art print of his own! It was a very special interaction. It means a lot when the person who voices and gives a character their entire identity personally comes to compliment your artwork.
Charity Print - Make-A-Wish Foundation This art print was exclusively made for an annual charity FGC tournament in Oakland. That year, they were raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit organization that grants wishes for children with a critical illness. In this artwork, police officer Chun Li hands Li Fen (the orphan girl she adopts) her famous hair ribbons, passing along a dream and an unforgettable experience in the process.
Charity Print - Cancer Research This art print was exclusively made for an annual charity FGC tournament in Oakland. That year, they were raising money for Cancer Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Research. This artwork exemplifies the beauty, vulnerability, strength, resilience, and grace of everyone involved in the fight against cancer. One day we will find new treatments and cures!
Charity Print - Mental Health Awareness This art print was exclusively made for an annual charity FGC tournament in Oakland. That year, they were raising money for Mental Health Awareness Month and suicide prevention. A broken mirror, parts of it out of focus and tenuously held together with tape, reflects a stylized/abtract Cammy struggling with her inner demons. No matter how strong we may seem, we can always use the love and support of those around us to help us face our obstacles and grow to become our best selves.
Graduation Gift This is a gift I drew for a friend who defied all odds and turned his life around with a college degree after a rough few years after dropping out of high school. Words can't describe how meaningful that moment was for both of us, so I captured it in a quick illustration instead, along with some free-handed calligraphy lettering. He too is a Bay Area resident.
More Realistic Art Style - Tomb Raider A slightly more realistic art style compared the this mostly-anime-centric portfolio. This image was drawn for a Tomb Raider contest at a staggering 18" x 24" 300 dpi resolution! The moment I saw the shipwreck graveyard in the provided assets and materials, I knew I wanted to set my illustration there.
Breath of the Wild A beautiful art print showcasing my ability to draw animals and memorable landscapes as well as people!
Ice Queen Example of tons of detail. A crowd favorite art print that features a jaw-dropping amount of detail in a stunning icy landscape! I wish you could see this art print in real life -- the details are staggering and the time spent on every last bit was worth it!
Different Art Style - スケバン A fun example of yet another art style. The minimalist nature of this artwork highlights the flashy attitude and rough edges of this Japanese sukeban girl.
Different Art Style - Mei Also another example of a different art style, this time drawn mostly with vectors and focusing on flat colors, exaggerated shapes, negative space, and being confident and comfortable with your own body.
Different Art Style - 沖田総司 Another example of a different art style. Hyper stylized, slightly abstract, but every bit as impactful and visually fascinating as my more realistic artworks. This is a drawing of legendary Japanese swordsman Okita Souji as depicted in Fate/Grand Order.
Other artworks and projects
Character Design Character design based on a quiet, observant personality and "hired thug" concept. Her gear and her outfit are designed to be as realistic and practical as possible without compromising the fantasy setting.
Character Design Character design for a soft-spoken, inquisitive Tabaxi bard who carries her instrument with her everywhere she goes. She rarely puts her hood up because she thinks she looks dumb in it, but her friends insist it's adorable much to her chagrin.