Convention schedule 2017

Zhen Yue currently plans to bring her art and fashions to the following conventions. The schedule is tentative and depends on circumstances when it's closer to the con. Follow the blog for updates and details. Stop by the artist alley and say hi! Take advantage of special con-exclusive discounts, plus get first access to unreleased new items!

  • Fanime, San Jose, CA (May 26 - 29)

  • Hydra Comic Con, Santa Clara, CA (June 17 - 18)

  • Crunchyroll Expo, Santa Clara, CA (August 25 - 27)

  • SacAnime Summer, Sacramento, CA (September 1 - 3)

About the artist

Pen name: Zhen Yue / 珍月

Birthday: October

Language: 中文, English

Traditional - graphite, charcoal, pen, color pencils, markers, pastels, Chinese brush painting
Digital - Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Intuos 4


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I am currently OPEN for professional projects and positions. Feel free to contact me with inquiries!

Personal commissions are currently CLOSED. Please check back at another time!

Don't forget to follow the blog for updates!

珍月 Zhen Yue

The name Zhen Yue holds multiple meanings beyond the pretty moniker it is on the most literal level (zhen meaning precious or to treasure, yue meaning moon). 珍月's underlying figurative meaning represents my most defining personality trait and perhaps my greatest flaw, whether for better or worse. It also alludes to two members of a band that is very special to me and my style direction.

A few years after the fact, I discovered that the name 珍月 is also related to the name of a new favorite animation (and easily the best CG animated series to date -- China seriously has that genre locked down) that greatly influenced my art.

About the site

Originally conceived of around 2003, briefly realized under a different name from 2007 to 2009, and finally beta released in 2014, this site is intended to serve as a portfolio and collection of Zhen Yue's art, as well as a hub to all of her projects, fashions, and random musings.

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